Effective websites positioning - demand effects, not promises!

     Once you order web positioning at our company, you can be sure that we won't charge you a penny until the keywords, guaranteed in the contract, appear in TOP 10 Google!

     We don't charge any starting, installation, optimizing, or other, payments. When you use web positioning services, you get the whole package at one and fixed price:

  • SWOT analysis that presents chances and threats, as well as strong and weak points of your Internet service
  • Selection of appropriate keywords and positioning strategy
  • Optimization of source code, so it is more search engine-friendly
  • Installation of visits statistics which help to control campaign's effectiveness
  • Creating and maintaining high ranks in Google (usually TOP 10, however we can also guarantee TOP 5, TOP 3)
  • Regular reporting of positions with the frequency you prefer

Is it worth investing in positioning?

Web positioning is definitely the most effective advertising form. Presence in first 10 results for specified keywords can increase activity in your website by 100, 200 or even 500 per cent. On the example of our own site, we see that web positioning can generate 1000% activity more!

     Let us present it on one example. Let's assume that you want to sell an estate in Warsaw. Let's pretend we are your potential customers. So, if we are looking for a flat in Warsaw, isn't it the best solution to type "flats in Warsaw" in the search engine? It is rather logical.

And now let's think and answer the question - what would happen if your website was at the first place for this keyword?

What does positioning procedure look like?

     We will start with optimizing HTML code for your site, so it is totally clear for search engines. Next, we will configure meta tags appropriately, save the changes on your server, and report your site again for indexing in search engines.

      Deadline of completing web positioning order depends on two basic factors, i.e.: domain's age and popularity of keywords. Usually, it can be assumed that web positioning in Google takes from 30 to 90 days. Web positioning for very popular keywords can take longer - even up to 6 months as it requires creating so-called domain's popularity.    

Why does web positioning pay off?

  • because it will increase the interest of your company's offer from 100 to 1000 per cent average, and that in turn, will increase sale and, as a consequence, your profit. 
  • because the Internet is a new segment of market, which you can get at relatively low cost.
  • because the Internet is a (virtual) international market.
  • because the Internet role in business is being strengthened day by day, and it is worth being ahead of your competitors.
  • because we know how to do this (and we have 7-years' experience)

    We usually do web positioning in which generates about 98% of activity on the Polish Internet. Properly high positioning in makes your website also visible in many other services/ partner portals, such as:,,

Do you want your offer to spread abroad?

No problem! We have the experience in web positioning in foreign search engines. We have successfully positioned dozens of services to the German, Austrian, British, Italian, or even Australian markets. We are able to help you to sell all around the world!

How much does web positioning cost?

In order to prepare professional pricing and offer, we need your website's address and/or the list of keywords that are to be positioned.

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