Video production

Six reasons why it is worth working with us

  • Professional audio and video equipment (SD and HD)
  • Experienced television team
  • Fresh and creative look at each project
  • Perfect product delivered on time
  • Optimized productions for particular medium and carrier (television, digital signage, Internet, presentation)
  • Attractive prices

We offer complete co-operation at each stage of production (from script to distribution)

Our offer:


Video business card

Video business card is a perfect tool to present your company on the Internet. It enables you to show your products and services in quick and effective way and, what is the most important, in the most accessible way for the receiver. As a part of video business card we offer: help with brief preparing, professional studio, team (including: operator, assistant, actor if needed), lightning, editing and colorization, soundtrack. An average length of a video business card for Internet use is 1 minute.


Promotional videos

Promotional videos are an effective advertising tool for companies, cities, communities and counties that want to present their advantages in an interesting way. We offer complete service and advice for project realization from the very beginning. We help to prepare a video outline, we provide professional team (operators, assistants, reporters/ journalists), editing and colorization, narrators and soundtrack. We prepare the product in three formats: Blue-ray, DVD, and suitable for Internet use. An average length - up to 12 minutes.


Corporate video

Would you like to present your company more widely at fairs, symposia or conferences? Corporate video has been created for this. It let present your company in a more detailed way than a video business card, and also in a receiver-friendly way. We will help you to build video's concept from the ground, prepare the script, make shots, and edit the video. If you want your video to make unforgettable impression on the receivers, we are able to help you.

Advertising spots

Advertising spots enable to present your company's products or services in a modern, communicative and effective way. We guarantee full service and assistance in the area of creating effective message. An experienced team (director, camera operators, assistants, sound technicians, light technicians, make-up artists) will keep watch on efficient realization. You will get a ready advertising spot in three formats: Blue-ray, DVD, and the one suitable for Internet use. An average length of advertising spot is from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. We provide short deadlines and extraordinary favorable prices.



How-to videos

Show how it works or how it should work. We make training videos of a very wide range: from the customer service training, through different types instructions (e.g. health and safety), up to machine and devices manuals. In other words, if you want to present how something works or how it should work, how to train and upgrade your qualifications - we will do it.


Training and conferences video recording

Are you organizing a training or conference and you want to record it? We will help you to prepare an outline and our operators will make shots. You will get all the video edited on a DVD disc.

We offer complete range of production:

  • prepare interesting and effective scripts
  • storyboard
  • proffesional shooting
  • editing, soundtrack, and narrator's comment
  • Carrier perapration
  • Internet distribution

In what ways can you use made videos?

  • DVD, Blue-ray, Flash drive distribution
  • TV broadcast
  • Presentation on www
  • Presentation at meetings, conferences, fairs
  • Broadcast in video services and social websites (You Tube, Facebook)
  • Carrier launch, digital signage (indoor, outdoor)

Where can I see the videos you produced?

Our subsidiary,, is responsible for video production. On its website you will find a wider range of products we offer, as well as our portfolio.


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